Share Your Files

Share photos, music, movies, presentations or any other files with anyone!

With IDriveSync, you can easily share multiple files / folders over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email, using a single link. You can share files from any web browser or directly from the IDriveSync folder on your computer.

Similarly, you can also share files / folders uploaded to the Out of Box™.

Sharing from desktop

Right-click any file / folder in the IDriveSync folder on your computer and choose 'Share this File'.

Sharing from web

Login to from any web browser, select the files / folders to share and click and icon.

Track shares

All the files shared you have shared can be viewed under the 'Shares' tab. You may also choose to unshare any files you'd like.

Options for share receiver

The share receiver can download the file to their computer, download a ZIP version of the shared files, save the file into their own IDriveSync account, copy a link to the file or even reshare the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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