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Cross-Platform Sync

Sync your files / folders from both Windows and Mac computers to the cloud. And sync them to each other! It’s faster than any other service. Learn more

Out of Box

Sync your files and folders from anywhere on your computer to the "cloud only" using the Out of Box™ feature on desktop clients. Then, view them on all of your devices! Learn more


All of your data is secured and encrypted with our military-grade technology. For heightened privacy of sensitive and confidential files, lock your account with a private key and not even we will have access to your data! Learn more


Sharing documents and photos with your friends and colleagues is super easy. Select files / folders to share and send them through email or simply post the share link on Facebook or Twitter! Learn more

Photos & Timeline

View all of your photos and videos in our beautifully designed gallery. Timeline takes you on a trip down memory lane, sorting everything by month for easy viewing. Learn more


Keep your work and home life separate by organizing friends, colleagues, and co-workers into different groups for quick and convenient sharing. Learn more


Don’t like the changes you've made to a file? Wish you could go back to that very first draft? Versioning saves the last 30 versions of your files, offering you the choice of which changes you prefer. Learn more


You can access your synced files from any WebDAV client with standard WebDAV implementation. Learn more

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