Frequently Asked Questions


What plans are available?

IDriveSync offers the following plans:

  • Basic 5 GB - Free plan
  • 150 GB - $49.50 yearly
  • 500 GB - $149.50 yearly
  • 1000 GB - $299.50 yearly

We are now giving 25 GB of FREE storage to all students! Create an account with a valid school email address. Once it is verified, your account will be upgraded 25 GB of space.

We want to help you be smart!

How can I tell how much space I'm using?

On the web:
Login to IDriveSync via any web browser and click on your email address at the top right of the screen to open the slider. You can view how much space you are using under the Storage section. You can also view this information under the 'Account' section on the right side.

Account Storage

On a computer:
Click the IDriveSync icon IDriveSync in the System Tray/Menu Bar; your Sync space quota is displayed as the top option (click it to upgrade). You can also view this information in 'Preferences'.

Account Storage
Account Storage
What counts as used storage space?

Files in the IDriveSync folder and files synced to Out of Box are counted towards your storage. This includes any files or folders uploaded manually to your account via the website. Files in trash or older versions of files DO NOT count as space used.

What happens when I run out of Sync space?

If you have a Basic plan you can upgrade your account! If you have a paid plan, in order to make room for new files, you may need to remove any old data you no longer need in the IDriveSync cloud. Or, you can always add more space with an upgrade!

You can also check out the 'Get Free Space' tab to discover ways to add extra space, if you haven't already.

How do I delete files from my account?

On the web:
Select the files or folders to delete. Click the blue arrow against the file or folder and select 'Delete' from the menu.

Delete files

On a computer:
Open 'My IDriveSync Folder' and delete files or folders just like any other on your computer - IDriveSync will sync these changes to your connected devices.

I deleted a file by mistake! Can I get it back?

Yes. Deleted files are stored in the Trash bin online for 30 days. Click on IDriveSync - Trash above the file list to see the items in your Trash bin. Check the files you need to restore and click 'Put Back'. This will restore the items to their original location in your IDriveSync account.

You can then download them to a computer as well, if necessary.

IDriveSync - Trash List
Are files in the Trash taking up my sync space?

Nope! However, any file you choose to restore from the Trash Bin will again take up sync space.

I don't need any of the files in my Trash; can I delete them instead of waiting 30 days?

You can mark the checkboxes next to files you wish to get rid of in the Trash Bin and then press 'Delete' to permanently delete them. If you would like to delete everything, click the 'Empty Trash' button.

Note: Files and folders deleted from the Trash are not recoverable.

Can IDriveSync back up files that contain extended attribute/resource fork data on the Mac?

Unfortunately, using IDriveSync for Mac means that data from certain programs that use extended attribute/resource fork data (such as Quicken, Quark, and OmniGraffle) cannot be backed up.

How do I add more storage to my account?

Login to your account and click on 'Get Free Space'.


You can increase your account space by:

By Referral

You can earn up to 18 GB by referrals. The referred person needs to sign up via the link shared by the IDriveSync user (you, in this case). When your referral accepts and signs up for IDriveSync, both you and your referral will each earn 1 GB.

Like and Follow Us

Like IDriveSync on Facebook and get 0.5 GB.

Follow IDriveSync on Twitter and get 0.5 GB.

Install Desktop apps

Install IDriveSync desktop client on Mac or Windows and sign in using your account to get 0.5 GB.

Increase your storage by upgrading to a higher storage plan.

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