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How do I share a file?

On the web
Select any file or folder you want to share and click the Share icon above the file listing. A pop up appears which allows you to share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You can enter a group name to share it with your existing groups. A personalized message can be created before sharing a link.

So many options!

Share Files on the Web

You can also share a file or folder by right clicking and selecting the Share option from the menu or by selecting the arrow towards the end of the row.

Select any file or folder you want to share, click Share and choose 'Share'. A share pop-up appears allowing you to share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

On a computer
Click the IDriveSync icon IDriveSync in the system tray/menu bar and select 'My IDriveSync Folder'. Right-click the file you wish to share and choose 'IDriveSync' > 'Share this file'. You will be directed to IDriveSync web account to share your files.

And let the sharing commence!

Share Files from Desktop
What is a Share Link?

Share links are public links that are generated when you click on any of the share options. A share link contains a list of files and folders that you have selected for sharing. The recipients (or members in a social network) you choose to share with will be able to view the selected share items.

This makes it easy for you to show your friends pictures or send documents to coworkers with just a link. You don't have to worry about attaching a file that might be too big or the wrong format, etc. Sharing is simple, the way it should be.

IDriveSync Share Link
What is single link sharing?

With single link sharing, you can select multiple files (or folders) and share them using a single link. This would enable your friends to view all of your shares easily without having to click through multiple individual links. How does it work?

How do I share multiple files?

Select the files you want to share by clicking on the check boxes associated with them and then click on 'Share'.

IDriveSync Share Link

You can see that a single link has been generated for all the selected files. To see how your friends would see the shared files, click on 'Link'. You will see that only the selected files appear.

IDriveSync Share Link
What happens when I share files/folders?

Every file / folder you share becomes public. (This means anyone who clicks on the link to the file / folder will be able to view it.) We create a short link that you can copy and email to whoever you like. There are also buttons that enable you to share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Anyone you share the link with can click and view!

IDriveSync Share Link
What options do my file recipients have?

After sending out your shared file / folder, recipients have the following options:

  • They can download the file / folder to their computer.
  • For multiple files, they can download a ZIP version of the shared files.
  • They can save the file / folder into their own IDriveSync account.
  • They can copy a link to the file / folder.
  • They can even re-share the link via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
IDriveSync Share Link
Is the URL shortener secure?

Yes, even though we're using a URL shortener, the files are still securely located on IDriveSync's servers. Rest assured, your account and files are always safe and secure.

How can I manage my shared files?

Login to IDriveSync via any web browser and click on the 'Shares' section on the left side menu to see a list of all your currently shared files. You can click the Share icon to delete a single share or check the boxes for multiple shares and remove them by using the 'delete' icon at the top of the listing.

IDriveSync Share Link

Note: When you delete a share, the link will no longer work to view the corresponding files. You will have to re-share them and generate a new share link.

How long are shared files available?

Shared files are available as long as 1) the file still exists in your account and 2) you have not moved it to another location.

If I move a shared file, is it still accessible to my friends?

Friends will only be able to access files that are in the same location they were shared from. If you move a file, you will then need to re-share it.

How do I report an abuse or copyright violations?

To report abusive links or copyright violations, please visit our DMCA page and fill out the form.

How do I add a new contact?

Login to IDriveSync and click the Groups section on the left navigation pane. You can add or view existing contacts on this page. To add a new contact, click on the New Contact box, give a name and email address, and click OK.

IDriveSync Share Link

Yay! More friends!

How do I create a Group?

Login to IDriveSync and click on the Groups section on the left navigation pane. You can create a new group by clicking the Share icon beside your groups. Enter a group name and click OK. To add an existing contact to a group, drag the contact from the right side and drop them on the group of your choice. If you have no existing contacts, start by creating new contacts.

IDriveSync Create Groups
Can I delete a group I've created?

To delete a group you have created, go to the Groups section in the left navigation pane, hover over a group, and click the Share icon.

IDriveSync Share Link

Bye, bye group!

I accidentally added someone to a Group. How do I remove them?
  1. Login to IDriveSync via any web browser and click on the Groups section on the left side menu.
  2. Click on the Group you wish to change.
  3. Hover over the contact you want to remove, then click the Share icon.

So long, buddy!

Can I give my contacts or groups 'write access' to a file?

Share files are 'read only' files. Therefore, friends can't upload to your Sync space. Files can however, be downloaded easily and then edited.

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