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Out of Box™

What is Out of Box™?

Out of Box™ is a folder in the cloud that allows you to sync folders from anywhere on your computer! So now, depending on your needs, you can sync your files and folders to the 'cloud only' using Out of Box™ feature from desktop clients.

So now that I have two options to upload my data, what is the difference?

IDriveSync Folder Option
If you sync your folders by moving them to the IDriveSync folder, they are synced to all your other devices, so any update you make to the folder is automatically reflected on all devices, no matter where it's from. This also means that those synced folders are moved and now located in your IDriveSync folder so that they are connected to all of your devices.

Out of Box™ Folder Option
If you sync your folders by adding them to Out of Box™, your data is only synced to the cloud. This means your folder can stay in its current location on your computer, but still be backup up and stored safely in the cloud.

For example, let's say you want to add 'Folder A: Last Semester's Final Project' to the cloud and it is a sub-folder of 'Creative Writing 101,' Instead of adding Folder A to the IDriveSync folder (and, thus, removing it from its home folder 'Creative Writing 101'), you just right click it and 'add it to Out of Box™.' Now, Folder A is backed up to the cloud, but still located with the other Creative Writing files so you can keep all of your work together and organized.

When you sync your data to the "Out of Box" folder, you can still access the files in there from all of your connected computers and devices. However, if you need to make changes to any of the files in the "Out of Box" folder from another computer, you will need to download the files to that computer.

Think of the "Out of Box" folder as a one-way sync to the cloud from your computer. So, if you download the file to another computer and make changes to it, it will NOT sync back to your computer.

How do I know which method to use for syncing my data?

For data you frequently access and make changes to, such as your documents, music playlists, and photos, we suggest using the IDriveSync folder. This way, you will have fast local access to your data from all your synced computers.

For larger amounts of data that you want to archive for cloud access, but do not make frequent updates to, such as your entire photo and movie folders, previous semester projects, etc., we would suggest adding them to Out of Box™ . This way, it will be safe in the cloud and not eat up the local storage on all your synced computers that you have connected through the IDriveSync Folder. If you need to, you can still access them from another location by downloading them.

How do I restore files from Out of Box™?

On the web:
Login to IDriveSync, click the Out of Box™ tab on the left navigation pane and locate the file you want to restore. Click the small blue arrow to the right of the Modified date and select 'Download' from the menu. The chosen file will be restored to your computer.

IDriveSync - Out of Box

On a computer:
Launch and login to IDriveSync. Click the IDriveSync icon IDriveSync in the system tray/menubar and select the "Out of Box" option from the pop-up menu. The Out of Box™ desktop client is displayed. In the 'Retrieve from Out of Box™' section, select the files/folders using the check box. Click the 'Download' button and choose the destination folder location to save. The chosen files will be restored to your computer.

IDriveSync - Out of Box
IDriveSync - Out of Box
How do I add files to Out of Box™?

To add files to Out of Box™, do one of the following:

Out of Box™ Desktop Client:
Launch and login to IDriveSync. Click the IDriveSync icon IDriveSync in the system tray/menubar and select the "Out of Box" option from the pop-up menu. In the Out of Box™ section, click the 'Add to Out of Box™' button. Select the files/folders to sync and click the 'Ok' button.

IDriveSync - Out of Box

Or, Right-click: any file/folder, point to 'IDriveSync', and click 'Add this file to Out of Box™'.

IDriveSync - Out of Box
How can I stop an Out of Box™ file or folder from syncing?

On the Out of Box™ desktop client, select the files/folders which you want to stop syncing by using the check boxes present beside them. Click the 'Stop Out of Box™ sync' button and accept the confirmation message to disable sync for the selected items.

IDriveSync - Out of Box

Alternatively, right-click the file/folder and select 'Stop Out of Box™ sync' from the menu.

IDriveSync - Out of Box
Does stopping Out of Box™ sync for a file or folder remove it from my account?

No, stopping Out of Box™ sync for any file or folder would only prevent further data from being synced from them. Data that is already synced will still remain in your account.

To delete this data from your account, go to the IDriveSync website, click the "Out of Box" tab, select the file or folder, and click on 'Delete'.

How can I delete a file present in Out of Box™ from web?

On the web, if you delete a file which is synced to Out of Box™, it will sync back and you will find it on web again. To prevent the file from re-syncing, you must stop Out of Box™ sync for the item on your computer and then delete it from web.

To delete data on web, click the Out of Box™, link on the left side menu, select the file or folder, and click on the 'Delete' option.

Can I share files in Out of Box™?

Sharing files in Out of Box™ works just like regular share. Login to IDriveSync and click the "Out of Box" tab on the left navigation pane. Select the files to share and click 'Share'. You can either share a URL or you can share via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

IDriveSync - Out of Box
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