Design, develop, customize, and release secure applications for cloud storage

Cloud Storage designed with Encryption, Versioning and Block Level Incremental Transfers
Built with developers in mind, IDriveSync Encrypted Versioned File System is a powerful, easy to use service that provides secure, encrypted, and versioned cloud storage. Unlike other generic storage systems, IDriveSync EVS has storage encryption, versioning, and block level incremental transfers built in both-ways for uploads and downloads. This gives you the freedom to develop innovative applications that are highly efficient, scalable, and require minimal coding in order to customize your Backup, Storage, Sync, Sharing, and Disaster Recovery. It provides powerful APIs for uploading, retrieving, managing and storing data at any time, from anywhere on the Internet.

We practice what we preach!
All of our products, including IDriveSync, are developed entirely based on the APIs. We have extensive experience in cloud storage working together with our family of storage and backup services (now exceeding 25 PetaBytes of storage in total).

How to store and manipulate your data in IDriveSync EVS cloud

Design and develop your own cloud-based applications with a set of simple Command line utility APIs, REST APIs and Library to customize, develop, store and access data.

  Recommended Use Advantage Limitations Performance
Command line
utility APIs
Desktop applications
(Windows, Mac, Linux)
Supports compression, incremental transfers Requires utility download Best
REST APIs Web and mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android devices) No utility download required Slower compared to Command Line Utility APIs Good
Library Desktop applications (Windows) Supports compression, incremental transfers Requires utility, LIB download Best

Create an account with IDriveSync to start using the IDriveSync EVS Web interface (REST) APIs or Command line utility APIs and manage your data stored on IDriveSync.
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